Sporting and Social Events by Helicopter

G-LCPL and G-ORKI at Silverstone

We can easily arrange for helicopter transfers to special events in UK and Northern Europe.

Helicopters offer a unique traffic beating solution, enabling you to be picked up at home or as close as is safely possible and be whisked off to special events throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

Our pilots and AOC operators have many years experience in carrying out day and night transfers to Horse Races, Motor Sport other similar events all year round and in most weather conditions.

MEDX at Cadwell Park 2015

Event Medevac

Our close links to one of the industries leading Air Ambulance Helicopter providers (all of our pilots pretty much work there) mean we have direct access to cost effective medevac helicopters and experienced air ambulance pilots and paramedics.

GIBI At Sywell


Almost every single one of our pilots is either a current helicopter flying instructor or has been in the past, not only does this give you greater peace of mind as a charter customer, it also means we can organise training courses on all of the helicopters we operate.

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Now there's an odd tie up, we can design and implement bespoke software solutions for most industries, and we come equipped with a big bag of 15 years worth of aviation software development and 30 years of industry experience in the software world.